I would like to open this blog with this sentence by Pino Cacucci, Italian writer and screenwriter.
“The roots are important, in the life of a man, but we have legs, not roots, and legs are made to go elsewhere.”
When someone ask you where you are traveling to next, you can never choose only one place because we are born to travel and… from the moment we were born, we begin the TRAVEL of LIFE through EXPERIENCES. 
Even if you are not traveling at the moment, but you are reading this article sitting comfortably in your home or in a café, you are actually traveling.
You are imagining where you want to go for the next holidays or where organize the next trip.
The fact is that man has always traveled and will not stop doing it. For example, lately we often hear about migration, and I believe that in the future we will hear about it even more, because of climate change but also because people want to go from point A to point B and achieve their goals. 
What I’m trying to say is that human being has always wanted to know new people, new places and new things.
Humans have always looked for a better place to build their life, an environment more suited to theirs characteristics and even the most sedentary of you, sooner or later, will make emerge discoverer’ side because the truth is that we are all explorers.
Concerning me, this is the third time I come to London: The first time was for vacation, the second to study english and this time I came to create a new path for me in this journey of life. I’m sleeping in a  nice student accommodation near Paddington station; It’s not bad at all, actually it’s clean, quiet, cheap and well connected to the city center.
I meet people from all over the world: America, Japan, China, New Zealand but also Europe and many Italian compatriots.
My main aim is to find a job, and start to experience how it is to live alone, without the family support, ( We are all cool with mummy’s money ). IT is said that in London  is very easy to find a job. 
Moreover, as I said before, I want to explore, visit and learn all the diversity that a city like London has to offer me


I would like to dedicate this first story to all the people who dream with their eyes open, to all the “Walter Mitty’s” of the world who dream of being able to carry out a project of their own, in order to change people’s lives for the better, even if only slightly. 
And going in search of this, I found two people who inspired me: I met them in the student accommodation lobby, they are 21-22 years old, they are from a small town south of Lisbon: they were in London for vacation, but also to look for new ideas for their newborn Street wear clothing brand, called “Butso”, which has an extremely interesting concept.


They have invested a lot of money and time for this project; They based the concept of the brand on oriental mentality and they hope to be able, one day, to realise something big. 
I was smitten by their attitude in life, they have an extremely positive approach towards it. We share that the type of environment in which we grow up is certainly important, because it forms the person that you will later become and is therefore extremely important, growing in an environment that is appropriate to what we want to become in the future. 
What have I learnt from them? I could say that I absorbed a lot of positivity, they’ve given me an incredible energy and they were also dedicated and addicted to life, always positive; they think that, as long as you breathe, there are no reasons to be sad, negative or angry. You just have to roll up sleeves, and smile to life, even if you live in a remote city with no prospects like theirs little city.


I started studying Medical Biotechnology at University, but after few lessons, I immediately realized that I wanted to do something else. I want to live a life full of emotions, build a better future for myself and, possibly, inspire future generations not to necessarily follow existing roads, but look for alternative degrees, hidden paths or build new ones. 
This obviously requires some sacrifices, like staying away from family and friends, living in a daily uncertainty, facing realities that are different from those we live in. But then, on this journey called life, certain things are scarce and basically we are all explorers, I urge you to do the same if you think like me. This is why I am in London.
Are you traveling around the world right now? Have you accepted the ticket for the journey of life or would you like to be somewhere else?
Do you have projects that you plan to carry out? why don’t we try to make a collaboration!!!
Tell me what you think.
Stay up and remember: LIFE – TRAVEL – EXPERIENCE.

Thanks to :

Alex – butsoclothing

Michael – Photo collaboration



  1. Article very philosophical, based on reality of the facts and on critical assessments. The life is a long travel full of prospects and expectations. Congratulations! Beautiful and deep article.

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