Produced in a consumeristic society

I often hear the term consumerism and I know we have heard it a thousand times, but what does it really mean,  and more importantly do we really live we in a consumeristic society? 

I want to ask to myself: Why is the world around us designed to make us consume more resources than we need? And why are we constantly looking for products that can satisfy our desires, I mean it can be a great goal to obtain what you don’t have but only if it makes you feel better. 

More and more often we are in contact with products and services that end their charm with the passing of fashion and the passing of the trend.

For example, it seems to me that the generation of millennials is strongly experiencing the inversion of the (product-producer relationship), our generation is experiencing a process whereby the product that is consumed by the subject itself, becomes the consumer, therefore what we buy, buys our existence, insofar as it satisfies our well-being, the object becomes subject and the subject object

I know that this is a quite complicate concept but it is what it is. 

This objectification of impulses and desires can be found in the desire for a new cell phone, a new jewel, a new car and something we think we need even we don’t need it.
I believe that when the desire is too high it is  due to an almost spiritual factor, but if we worship a product it is because we belong to it, it is as if the object were possessed by us and posses us at the same time. This is what I mean by inversion of object-subject relationship, called by many philosophers also inversion of preaching relationships. 

In fact what amazes me the most, is the fact that we continue to consume and continue to provide private information about our preferences to companies and multinationals that by processing our data make us consume more and more , from one click to another.
We are  using our most precious commodity, that is time, as a bargaining chip, because all the seconds, minutes and hours spent scrolling and swiping up  without any purpose or a meaning is passed time that we cannot have back. Obviously we must not generalise, because we can also learn or do useful things just by swiping up  but in most cases this not happen. 

We buy expensive watches under the illusion of be able to have a better control of our time, but we forget that by doing this we sell our time.

In conclusion, the intent of this sort of black prime clothing collection, which is actually nothing more than a  merchandising of an idea, is to make people think before, during and after the purchase or donation of a monetary amount. 

So wearing a “Produced in a consumeristic society” merchandise or T-shirt, does not mean that you accept the fact that you are a consumer product, but it means that you are aware of this inversion of (preaching relationships)  and you seek a solution, because it does not necessarily have to go in this direction, we can commit ourselves to make things better.
We must learn and  improve from mistakes made in the past, moving away from harmful economic models that expect maximum profit with minimum effort, because the time will come for a society fed up with consumerism and mere appearances, but which will give way to a society that wants to create instead of just consuming. 

Stay creative.

Black  Prime be proud. 



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