The day before yesterday I was thinking how this lockdown is changing the plans of many people, and  I started thinking and thinking about how many trips have been canceled, how many initiatives we have given up and how we have reinvented ourselves. Fortunately for me in times of difficulty, there is something that saves me and is called art. Thanks also to social networks I was able to travel and I discovered an incredible artist who inspired and impressed me for his majesty and his greatness.

He has an innovative lifestyle and in harmony with the environment in which he lives and in addition his artworks are incredible.
Here is a short interview below.

Hello dear Dimitri, Could you please introduce yourself? 

I was born and raised in French Alps. Since the age of 14 I followed two of my passions – surfing and travelling , looking for the perfect waves and adventures.
Been a pioneer of the world famous wave Teahupoo in 90’s I felt in love with French Polinesia where I remained almost 30 years. I became a professional skipper, sailing  the world. In my first trip to Australia I met with aboriginal art. It blew my mind so much and brought me to my third and the biggest passion – painting!
Deciding to devote my whole life to my artwork, I moved to Bali where I continue to create and develop my own technique.

Wow, you are an explorer.
What’s your background?
Totally self-taught , I learn with different people , different tribe and cultures trough all my travels since very young age…
What art do you most identify with? Why?
I would say Art Brut
No rules, no barriers , no limits..
What’s your favorite art work Why?
My favorite ArtWork 
Mother Nature , J.M. Basquiat if to only quote the best known!
And aborigine art as I already told in the beginning.
But of course the list of artists inspire me is way to long.

Is clear that you concern about what surrounds you (socially, politically and culturally) but f your body were a canvas how would you feed it?  
What food, drink, song inspires you?

Very healthy food with a glass of Chateau Margaux.
I love music, I need music to work and my range is very large from French lyricist to reggae but now I listen a lot of electro.
For my best productivity I need to be healthy, totally clear, no alcohol, no drugs, go to the ocean and ride fews beautiful waves , and than come back to my studio and express my self in the best conditions.
Your super friendly manager told that you are currently in Bali. What a wonderful place I can say.
How the thing going there? I can imagine that Covid19 is affecting the life of many people in those hard time.
The Situation here is not so bad. From crowded touristic place it became quiet as Bali 20-30 years ago. But I am sure as soon as borders will be open tourism will be even more here and all people will take their job back. 

How you and your art are reacting to this situation?
I’m actually think it can be positive for the Art in general.
I don’t know , I just have this feeling..
People will come back little bit to the sources..
And this period give me more time to paint , so I can not complain;))

Is Bali inspiring you? How?
To be honest I can paint anywhere!
But I need to surf, it’s my only drug since I was a kid.
And through a chemical and intellectual process that I don’t always master, the ocean inspires me.
This is great, this versatility will drive you very far and hopefully in wonderful places.


Could you name three visited places that inspired you the most?
New York, of course and I think no need to explain why…
Cuba, because there is something special with Art on this island
And Australia
, because the aboriginal are the source of my work.
Is the artistic life lonely?
Not for me, I’m very social and have a lot of friends.
The relationship with my manager is beautiful, intimate, strong
It’s my wife.


Professionally, what’s your goal?
To become the next generation of the artists who can touch souls of people with their artwork and being able to buy as many cases of Château Margaux we want and believe me , it is very expensive wine..
But before this freaking money we all need , I really feel blessed to be able to express myself on the canvas.

Thanks for reading and if you are an artist do not hesitate to contact us.


Thanks to :

Dimitri – Instagram




  1. It`s very interesting to understand how an artist faces a worldwide block.
I have no problem saying that in this quarantine my brain shut off.
After thinking and rethinking the last two months, I associate this block with a beautiful painting Concetto spaziale. Attese by Lucio Fontana, because it is minimalist art but full of meanings such as what we have experienced.
    Sorry for my bad English

  2. I liked this conversation, an exhaustive interview about aboriginal art, Artwork. This is a way to know new artists and learn a lot from them. In addition, PRIME might be a platform for emerging artists. Congratulations!

  3. Wow, what a great interview here. It’s really interesting to see how the situation is affecting the art people… inspiring in this case! It’s also a good time to find some emotional support for yourself when communicating to other artists, which you are greatly approaching! Well done!

  4. Even if I’m not very expert in the artistic world this interview inspired me. Inspired me to do my best everyday, despite the current situation. I think also that it could be a great opportunity to make yourself known, as an artist and human being. So grateful to have had the opportunity to read this interesting interview, hoping there will be many in the near future!

  5. I like the helpful info you supply to your articles.
    I will bookmark your weblog and test once more here regularly.
    I am somewhat sure I will be informed many new stuff right r! Best of luck for the following!

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